Please support these amazing foundations!
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The Matt Blackwell Foundation

A charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Lancaster County's youth.

Learn more at:


A multidisciplinary art organization serving homeless youth ages 10-18 to help them build community, cope, and heal:


Helps raise Rectal Cancer Awareness by providing fit and social events to the community:

Powerful Beginnings

Provides support and transitional services to victims of domestic violence. Visit to learn how you can help!

Four Squared Film Program

Provides a creative outlet for youth to learn the fundamental elements of filmmaking:


The KLS Foundation - Running for Ryan

Strives to educate, support and find a cure for Kleine - Levin Syndrome:

The S & M Foundation

Offers many levels of education such as professional development, computer literacy programs, staffing, financial planning and life skills for adults over the age of 18 years old as well as tutoring for grade and high school students:

Mookie's Place

Changing minds by improving academic performance, reducing dropout rates, juvenile delinquency and gang participation by at-risk youth in the community of Lancaster and surrounding areas: